ToyChamp Rotterdam

This supersize toy store is a true paradise for children! At the Alexandrium Mall Rotterdam.

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Toys XL Store Rotterdam

Toys XL is a true paradise for kids! In this enormous toy store (the former Toys ‘R’ Us) you will find a huge collection of toys and it is a real challenge to get your kids back home, once they have been in the store. Toys XL has two stores in Rotterdam, one at the Rotterdam Alexandrium Mall and the other at the ‘Big Shops’ Dakpark area.

All big toy brands

At Toys XL Rotterdam, the toys are displayed and ordered by age and brand, so you will easily find your way around. Shop here for computer games, tinker stuff, costumes, Lego, Playmobil, Nerf toy guns, inflatable swimming pools, books, bicycles, Barbies and trains, just to name a few things. In the middle of the Toys XL store there is a playground for children.