Delicious brownies muffins, pies, cookies and scones! Eat in or take away.

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Bakery / Café Koekela Rotterdam

Koekela is a bakery café for the true gourmand! Here you’ll find delicious pies and fresh treats for take away or to eat in as a breakfast or lunch with a good cup of coffee or tea. Koekela has tables inside and an outdoor terrace. Koekela Rotterdam offers a huge variety of pies, brownies, cookies, muffins, scones and cheesecakes. What about a Koekela lemon bar, apple pie, cherry cheesecake, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate chip muffin or a walnut cake to name a few things. All made at the Koekela bakery.

Koekela pies for take away

Koekela offers surprise pie packages to treat yourself or as a gift. And even if you are into home cooking, you’ll love the fresh pre-baked scones, which can be finished at home.