Amac Lijnbaan

Apple premium reseller in Rotterdam city centre.

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Apple Premium Reseller Rotterdam

In the Amac shops in Rotterdam (the former i-Factors) you can find all the latest Apple products like iPhones, Macbooks, iPods and iPads and accessories. Most products are displayed in the store so you can try and experience it yourself.

Free seminars on Apple products

A really good thing about the Amac Stores is that they offer free seminars on Apple products nearly every Saturday. During the seminar you will learn the latest tips and tricks of the Apple products and get answers to all your questions. You can see the starting times and subjects at the Amac website.

Two Amac Stores in Rotterdam

There are two Amac Store stores in Rotterdam, one in the city centre at Lijnbaan and the second store is located in the large indoor shopping mall Alexandrium. As a premium Apple reseller, Amac has expert sales persons who can demonstrate all the latest Apple products to you. Oh yes, of course you can expect long queues, when Apple releases a new product!