Zuidplein theatre

This theatre offers comedy, youth and experimental performances with focus on Rotterdam's cultural diversity.

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The Zuidplein theatre is located at the south bank close to Zuidplein Mall and focuses on Rotterdam’s cultural diversity. The theatre programming is multi-cultural and young and you can find many productions that reflect the experience of the Rotterdam citizens. The theatre programme is refreshing and experimental.

Comedy night

There are more than 300 performances each year including lots of comedy. Every Thursday nigth is comedy night and you can have a laugh at the best stand-up comedians. The programme of Zuidplein theatre includes a lot of young theatre as well and every Sunday afternoon there’s a youth performance.

Two halls

There are two separate halls within this theatre: the Grote Zaal (which means Big Hall) containing 580 seats and the Kleine Zaal (which means Little Hall) containing 170 seats. The Grote Zaal consists of the stalls and a balcony.

Theatre cafe

Inside the theatre there’s a modern theatre café where you can enjoy a drink or a snack before the start of the performance or during the breaks. There’s a also a restaurant inside the theatre where you can have a dinner before the performance starts.


You can check the Zuidplein theatre website to check which performances are running and to buy tickets online. There’s also a sales office located at the theatre itself where you can buy tickets.