The multi-cultural shopping street in the cosmopolitan Chinatown area of Rotterdam.

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West Kruiskade: the multi-cultural shopping street of Rotterdam

On the West Kruiskade you will find shops from all parts of the world: Surinamese jewelers, exotic supermarkets, toko’s, delicious food shops, small restaurants, nail salons and hairdressers! That makes the West Kruiskade the multi-cultural shopping street of Rotterdam.

Chinatown in Rotterdam

The West Kruiskade is also called the Chinatown of Rotterdam. That name is a bit misleading because besides Chinese, there are also many Dutch people, Antilians, Surinamese and Africans. You will find a large number of Chinese shops and restaurants on the cosmopolitan West Kruiskade.

Best shops on the West Kruiskade

When you walk up West Kruiskade from the Central Station or from the Schouwburgplein you will see the Chinese supermarket Wah Nam Hong on the left, where you have a wide choice of Chinese, Asian, Surinamese and Indian vegetables, herbs, frozen products, rice. , soups and much more. On the other side of the street you will find the eatery Kiem Foei, where you can get delicious Surinamese, Javanese, Chinese and Caribbean dishes and sandwiches. Back on the other side you will find the Chinese bakery Mei Sum Shop, where they have delicious Chinese cake in all kinds of colors. Try the Rainbow cake or the flower cake! A little further down on the West Kruiskade Lucinda’s Bookstore is located, a multi-cultural bookstore with many books and topics about the Surinamese and Caribbean region. Walk a lot further and you will come to Richard Rotterdam, a shoe store known for shoe collections from Moschino, Boticelli Limited, Iceberg and Guess. At the end of the West Kruiskade you will find Fittz, a men’s fashion store with young, urban casual men’s fashion. You can then continue on the Tiendplein to the 1e Middellandstraat where you will find more multi-cultural shops or you walk back in the direction of the center where you can cross to the shops on the Lijnbaan.