The Park

You can relax and enjoy the beautiful, green nature in this big park next to the Euromast!

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A park with no name?

The park next to the Euromast doesn’t have a name and is simply called het park, but sometimes it’s also called the Euromast park or Zochers park, named after the architect. You can relax in this green oasis and escape from the hectics of the nearby city centre. Rotterdam’s biggest park is the park at Lake Kralingen, which is located a bit further away from the city centre.

Euromast park or Zochers park Rotterdam

The Park is located along the river Maas and next to the Euromast and Scheepvaartkwartier. From nearly any place in the park you’ve got a magnificient view at the Euromast. The eastern part of the park dates from 1853 and was designed by architect Jan David Zocher and his son Louis Paul in English landscape style. The park was extended in 1886 when the western part, also called the Hill was added to the park.

Getting married in the park

The park is quite big and beside some trees there’s so much more to see. For example you can see the wooden Norwegian Church which was built in 1914. This small church was donated by Norway to the Netherlands when Norway became an independent country. Furthermore you can see the monumental villa Heerenhuys which was built around 1800. There’s a beautiful garden in front of the villa and you can even get married in this villa!

Food and Beverage in the park

On a sunny day you can sit in the grass and picnic but if you prefer full service on an outdoor terrace, do visit the trendy Harbour Club Rotterdam. The Harbour Club is located in a lofty building, On this unique spot, the Parkzicht dance club used to be located. Parkzicht was well known as the cradle of the house music in the beginning of the nineties.
You can combine your visit to the park with a visit to the Euromast, but also with a visit to minigolf Parkhaven that is also located in this park!