A great collection of reasonably priced men's suits. Tailor service included.

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Suitsupply Rotterdam: affordable quality suits

If you are looking for a nice suit, but want to spend a little less compared to the high end men’s outfitter Oger in Rotterdam, do have a look at Suitsupply in Rotterdam! Suitsupply is a successful Dutch retail concept rapidly expanding across the world, with numerous stores in Europe and even in America and Canada! The Suitsupply store in Rotterdam looks chic and sleek and has a large collection of shirts, ties, suits and other accessories. At Suitsupply Rotterdam, nearly every fashionable man will find his perfect suit starting from ca. €300.

Ready-made and tailor-made suits

Suitsupply Rotterdam is located between the shopping areas Koopgoot and Meent and near department store Vroom & Dreesmann. If you enter their shop you’ re welcomed by a staff member, who’ll be at your service throughout the whole purchase process. At Suitsupply in Rotterdam, you can choose between the standard ready-made suits called Blue Line, but you can also spend a little more on a tailored suit, called Suit Up. You can have your off-the-peg suit altered, so you always go home with a perfect fit. Suitsupply Rotterdam offers a tailoring service in store, so small alterations can be done on the spot. If you have decided to buy a personally tailored suit (starting at € 600), you can make your choice from many fabrics, fits and colours. Your size is measured and your suit will be tailor-made especially for you. Allow a delivery time of over a month.