The one and only American coffee at the Erasmus University and the brand new Central Station in Rotterdam.

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Starbucks: new in Rotterdam!

Like other big cities like New York, London and Paris you can also drink the famous Starbucks coffee in Rotterdam. There are four Starbucks stores located in Rotterdam: two are located within the Central Station and coffee corners at the Erasmus University and the Erasmus Hospital.

Starbucks Erasmus University / Hospital

At the Erasmus University and within the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam you can find small Starbucks stores as well. These coffee corners are only open on weekdays and closed at night, but they offer the full range of Starbucks snacks and coffee specialties.

Don’t want coffee with the green mermaid?

When you’re in downtown Rotterdam and don’t feel like walking to the Central Station, you can also have a good quality coffee at the Coffee Company.