Shipping & Transport College

The building of the shipping and transport college looks like a big periscope with a pattern of a big chess board.

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The Scheepvaart en Transport College (or Shipping and Transport College in English) is a school with a beautiful modern architecture that fits well in the Lloyd district of Rotterdam. The building immediately strikes you with its shape of a huge periscope of a ship.

Accents from the port

The 70 meters high building was designed by architects Jan Willem Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk and was completed in 2005. Since that time the building is used as Shipping and Transport College and everything in the building reminds you of the port, shipping and transport. For example, there are partridges in the doors of the classrooms and there are shipping maps printed on the tables of the canteen. Students have got a perfect view at the port of Rotterdam from the building.

Checkers game

The outside of the Shipping and Transport College looks like a huge checkers game with its gray and blue panels, which makes the facade of the building remind you of containers. In the top of the periscope you can see the facade behind which a huge lecture hall is located.
Besides classrooms, lecture halls, a canteen and offices the building contains an internet cafe, sports halls, a bookstore and a parking garage. The Shipping and Transport College is one of the buildings which has made Rotterdam known for its modern architecture.


Q How can I get to Shipping & Transport College by public transport?

The Scheepvaart en Transport College is located just outside Rotterdam city centre at the Lloydstraat 300. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by tram 8 and stop at Pieter de Hoochweg or by metro to Coolhaven and walk from there.

Q Is there a parking close to Shipping & Transport College?

If you come by car you can pay to park in the streets.