Shabu Shabu City Centre

Popular All-you-can-eat formula in traditional Japanese style. With two restaurants in Rotterdam.

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All-you-can eat at Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu Rotterdam is like Sumo Rotterdam and Moshi Moshi Rotterdam an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant, but many locals rate Shabu Shabu as the best. Without a reservation you probably won’t get a table at Shabu Shabu. On the menu there are lots of small dishes to share with the others at your table. Each person is allowed to order five dishes at once and once have finished, you can order another five. Please note that you need to finish what you order or you need to pay a penalty!

Fast service at Shabu Shabu Rotterdam

You’ve got two hours to enjoy the Japanese food at Shabu Shabu Rotterdam. That’s no problem because the service in Shabu Shabu is very fast. There are many waiters who deliver the dishes throughout the restaurant and remove the empty plates. Shabu Shabu Rotterdam might look a bit chaotic, but you should not come here for a romantic evening. But if you keep this in mind you can simply enjoy great Japanese food at Shabu Shabu!

Menu Shabu Shabu Rotterdam

The munu of Shabu Shabu Rotterdam offers approximately fifteen different types of sushi including shrimp, mackerel, omelet, salmon, crab, squid and cucumber. Additionally, a variety of hand rolls, salads, soups and vegetables are on the Shabu Shabu Rotterdam menu. You can also choose from a variety of hot dishes such as noodles, fried rice, yakitori, fish cakes, beef rolls, fried chicken and tempura. For dinner, Shabu Shabu Rotterdam offers fifteen additional hot dishes to choose from compared to lunch. After dinner you can choose from a scoop of ice cream: sesame ice cream, vanilla ice cream or green tea ice cream.

Characteristics Shabu Shabu

Kitchen: Japanese Free Parking: No
Group bookings: Yes Lunch: Yes
Children: Yes Outside dining: No
Business: Yes Waterfront dining: No
Romantic: No