Primark Alexandrium

Trendsetting british retailer for affordable clothing, the first store in the Netherlands.

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Affordable and trendsetting fashion at Primark in Rotterdam

Primark is a very trendsetting retailer for affordable apparel and this trade mark is originally from Ireland and the UK. Also in Spain a couple of Primark flagship stores have recently been opened and now the Primark ‘virus’ is also expanding to the Netherlands with their first branch at the Rotterdam Alexandrium Mall. The second Primark in Rotterdam is located at the Zuidplein Mall. A thrird Primark in Rotterdam is expected at Forum Rotterdam Mall in downtown Rotterdam. Some fashion victims even come all the way from Germany or Belgium for budget shopping at Primark in Rotterdam!

Primark Rotterdam Zuidplein and Rotterdam Alexandrium!

Primark mainly focuses on young women. The Primark fashion collection includes shoes, hand bags, lingerie and apparel but also all sorts of accessories and home decoration stuff. The Primark clothing style is a combination of Forever 21 Rotterdam, Zara, H&M Rotterdam and Topshop and you’ll find many look alikes of famous expensive fashion labels, but Primark Rotterdam prices are really extremely cheap, e.g. skinny jeans for 10 Euro only!
TI: Check the fabric before you purchase clothing; sometimes poor quality material is used.
: Primark Rotterdam Alexandrium Mall is open every Sunday!