Old Luxor Theatre

A very charming theatre and the oldest theatre in Rotterdam with a very diverse programme.

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Old Luxor Theatre Rotterdam

The stylish Luxor theatre is the oldest theatre in the Netherlands and was designed by P. Vermaas. The Luxor Theatre Rotterdam opened in 1917 and was mainly used as a movie theatre during those early years. The Luxor Theatre is one of the few buildings in Rotterdam city centre that survived the Blitz during the 2nd world war. After the war, the theatre was also used for performing arts. Luxor Rotterdam is a charming mid-size theatre and you can feel the rich history when you take a seat in the historic setting.

New Luxor Theatre Rotterdam

Even though the Old Luxor Theatre is pretty and classical, there was a need for a new, modern and bigger theatre in Rotterdam. Therefore the New Luxor Theatre was opened in 2001 but the Old Luxor theatre was never closed. There are still many shows in the theatre and the Old Luxor was currently renovated.

Program New Luxor Theatre

There are three seating areas in the New Luxor Theatre, consisting of 900 seats including a number of loveseats that can be shared by two people. The New Luxor theatre programma is very diverse so you can see almost eveyrthing here, ranging from comedy to opera and from musicals to theatre concert.