Museum Rotterdam ’40-’45 NU

Museum full of memories of World War II and the occupation of the Netherlands.

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Everything you want to know about the second world war

Rotterdam is closely tied to the second world war, which is still visible on many locations throughout the city. The War Resistance Museum is one of the locations which reminds people of the second world war and of the resistance against the Germans. The museum shows how people lived and what they did during the war. The War Resistance Museum is a treasure trove of information and stuff from the years of German occupation. You can find anything there, from cigar boxes to Jewish stars and from announcements to resistance gear. Al these materials are witness to a dark period in the history of Rotterdam, but are displayed in an as fun and informative way possible. The War Resistance Museum organizes themed afternoons that are absolutely worth the effort to visit. The second world war is an event that is never allowed to be forgotten, and a visit to the War Resistance Museum is a great help to that!

Ingenuity and fun things in times of war

The War Resistance Museum tells the tale of many people that lived during the occupation, what happened to them and how they functioned. There are many authentic things shown here like dyno torches, contraband and things used for smuggling, documents, letters, authentic pictures, publications, clothes, dishes, tobacco products, money, papers and lots more that are all a living witness of the occupation and the war. Everything that is to be found in the museum is carefully and extensively documented and with that a true treasure trove of information. A collection that is truly worth looking at for you and the whole family!

A wonderful exploration for children

The War Resistance Museum offers in addition to the necessary historical information a nice and playful way for children to search for all that information where they can learn about the war and the resistance while playing. If you want a fun and informative day out that benefits the whole family, then the War Resistance Museum is an excellent place to visit. Your child can try and solve the questions about the exploration by looking for things in the museum and learning about them. Children won´t get bored and learn in a very fun way! Of course older brothers and sisters and even granddads and grandma’s are allowed to help a hand with finding the right answers!


Q How can I get to Museum Rotterdam '40-'45 NU by public transport?

Museum Rotterdam '40-'45 NU is located just outside Rotterdam city centre at Coolhaven. Get there by metro and stop at Coolhaven station. The Rotterdam war museum is located opposite the station.

Q Is there a parking close to Museum Rotterdam '40-'45 NU?

Park your car in the surrounding streets.