Monte Cervino

Climb this 35 meter high artificial mountain in Rotterdam both indoor and outdoor!

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Mountaineering in Rotterdam

Hiking a mountain Rotterdam? Yes, you can! The Netherlands tallest climbing wall is called Monte Cervino, which is located in Bergschenhoek, a suburb near Rotterdam. This huge climbing gym offers climbing routes both on inside the artificial mountain and outside. The top is almost 35 metres tall, so this climbing wall is going to be a great challenge if you’re afraid of heights. Another climbing gym is located near Lake Kralingen, de Klimmuur Rotterdam: it’s a bit lower but nearer to the city centre.

Climbing Wall Monte Cervino in Rotterdam

This climbing gym is named after the famous Monte Cervino mountain in Italy and from the outside it actually looks like a miniature mountain. The climbing walls are suitable for beginners and experienced climbers. Monte Cervino renews its climbing routes of varying levels of difficulty (category 3+ for rookies till 8b for experts) on a regular basis, so there is always a suitable climbing route for everyone. On the outside you can climb up to a height of 34.6 metres (with over-hanging walls!) and inside up to 30 meters. The climbing gym has a total surface of 2600 m2 packed with exciting routes on different structures. All routes are colour coded.

Climbing Courses Monte Cervino Bergschenhoek

Monte Cervino offers top-rope climbing courses to master the climbing and belaying techniques. You climb up while you secured by your climbing partner via a rope attached at the top and you climbing harness. After reaching the top you can abseil down. These climbing trainings are offered by Outdoor Valley, a company that also does all sorts of outdoor activities, such as mountain biking and canoeing. At the Monte Cervino store, full climbing equipment is for sale, for example these tight rubber climbing shoes, ropes, carabiner and tubes.


Q How can I get to Monte Cervino by public transport?

The Climbing Wall Monte Cervino is located in the North-East of Rotterdam, at Hoeksekade 141 in the suburb Bergschenhoek. Unfortunately public transport connections are poor. You can park free of charge at their parking lot.

Q Is there a parking close to Monte Cervino?

De Klimmuur is located at Prinsenlaan 910, near Lake Kralingen in Rotterdam. Unfortunately public transport connections are poor. You can park free of charge at their parking lot.