Minigolf Parkhaven

Escape the hectics at Rotterdam city centre and play minigolf in the park under the Euromast.

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Minigolf at the park in Rotterdam

Minigolf Parkhaven is located at the Park next to the Euromast and near the Pancake boat. Here you can escape the hectic city life and relax while hitting some golf balls with your family or friends.

18-holes minigolf course

Parkhaven Minigolf offers an 18-holes course with all kinds of obstacles which make a hole-in-one nearly impossible. Try your luck with the loopings, hills, tunnels and ramps and try to finish the 18 holes with the least number of strokes in a thrilling (mini)match. Children from 4 years can play as well using a special toy stick for kids. It takes about one hour to complete the 18 holes.

Lunch at Minigolf Rotterdam

Minigolf Parkhaven has a large outdoor terrace on which you can enjoy a drink or a bite before or after playing the holes. Minigolf Rotterdam serve small snacks like sandwiches or appetizers, but also quick meals like pizzas, ribs and pancakes.

Discount tickets in combination with other Rotterdam attractions

Minigolf Parkhaven can be easily combined with other attractrions in Rotterdam, as they offer a discount if you combine your visit with a minigolf game. These attractions include the Euromast, Spido, Laser games, Splash Tours, the Pancake Boat and Miniworld Rotterdam.


Q How can I get to Minigolf Parkhaven by public transport?

Minigolf Parkhaven is located next to the Euromast and the Pancake boat at Parkhaven 22. You can get there by tram and stop at Euromast, or by metro and stop at Dijkzigt and walk from there.

Q Is there a parking close to Minigolf Parkhaven?

If you come by car, you can pay to park your car in the streets, by EC card or creditcard.