Hofplein Theatre

Theatre made for and played by kids and students with shows based on children books and fairy-tales.

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Hofplein theater: especially for children!

The Hofplein Rotterdam theater mainly focuses on young people. The theater used to be called Jeugdtheater Hofplein. In this theater you can see fun performances for children and young people, but it is also fascinating for adults.

Performances about children’s books and fairy tales

The Hofplein Rotterdam theater has a hall that can accommodate 500 people. This room often hosts performances based on a children’s book, a fairy tale or an opera. Professional actors often participate in the performances, but the leading roles are always played by children from the Hofplein Youth Theater School. For example, the Wizard of Oz, Puss in Boots, Jungle Book, the Club of Ugly Children and the Zevenlots candy shop have been performed in the Hofpleintheater. If you want to know which performances are currently playing in Hofplein Rotterdam, you can check their website for the full program.

Tickets Hofplein Rotterdam

You can order tickets for the performances in Hofplein Rotterdam online on the theater’s website or at the theater box office. It is also possible to reserve tickets by telephone.