Pick up a white electric rental Gobike and drop it off at a docking station of your choice in Rotterdam. Cheap and swift.

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Electric Gobikes in Rotterdam

Inspired by the city of Copenhagen, Rotterdam will offer 20 docking stations with 450 white electric rental bicycles by the end of 2017. The special thing about these electric Gobikes is that they are equipped with a touchscreen display with built-in satnav and indestructible tires.

GoBike Rotterdam Tablet

You can pay for your rental bike via the (vandalism proof) tablet. The touchscreen also shows how many bikes are available and where they are located. This smart cycling computer also shows the locations of several museums and attractions in Rotterdam, the public transport hubs and the available Gobike docking stations. Useful for tourists but also for locals in Rotterdam.

GoBike Rotterdam and public transport

Via the Gobike app you can hire an electric bike in advance, while you’re still in the train or metro, which enables you to ride away immediately upon arrival at the station. On your destination, return your Gobike at a charging stations of your choice.