Flag Parade

See 230 flags from nations all over the world in this cheerful flag parade!

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For the Netherlands flags hold a special importance, as they represent the fundamental role the nation has in relationship with international trade and shipping. This is why Rotterdam found it of utmost importance to create a special landmark where these symbols of past history and years of trading relationships with the rest of the world, could be represented and valued for the importance they hold for the country.

More than 230 flags

The Flag Parade (or Vlaggenparade in Dutch) was therefore installed in 1998. This flag parade started its venture by erecting up to 230 flags on one of the most important arteries of Rotterdam’s city centre, the Boompjes Boulevard. Each of these flags represents a nation and how important international commerce is for a port city such as Rotterdam.
This imposing site was installed when the Flag Museum Foundation was started in 1997, an open museum, which pays homage to Rotterdam’s relationships with the international trade scene. It is a way for the Netherlands to welcome other countries to pursue whatever commercial or other business enterprise they wish in the country.

Variety of colours

This amazing uninterrupted string of flags, play in the wind day and night, embellishing the banks of the river Maas, during normal business days as well as during festival and events. On these occasions particular theme flags are flown, creating a magnificent display of variety and colour.
This Flag parade is kept alive by volunteers, including 60 commercial sponsors that help keep this unique sight in perfect condition. It takes work and dedication to maintain these magnificent flags in prime condition and preserve these important symbols that represent a world of union and cooperation.