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All martial arts under one roof

Fight2Win Capelle is a household name in greater Rotterdam in the field of martial arts clothing & accessories. You can go here for a wide range of articles for kickboxing, muay thai and taekwon-do. For traditional budo sports such as judo and karate Fight2Win is the right choice, but also for punching bags, training weapons, dumbbells, mats, skipping-ropes and small Everlast fitness machines for home use or at the gym. Fight2Win is a reliable address for women ‘s, men’s and children’s martial arts clothing.

Fight2Win starter kits

If you are just starting with boxing or martial arts, Fight2Win Rotterdam offers a complete sports. These sets are specially composed and contain boxing gloves, a mouthguard, shorts, bandages and shin guards that match in color and your personal level. You can choose between the brands of King, XPRT, Twins, Venum and for ladies there is Queen. Ask their sales staff for an honest advice.

Good protectors are half the battle

At Fight2Win, you’ll find all shapes and sizes of judo outfits, MMA and K1 shorts, but also sporty hoodies and t-shirts. If your sports wear fits you right, it’s already half the battle, but of course good body protection are just as important in martial arts. This includes head protectors, shin guards, pads and bandages, the use of which is by the way mandatory at most gyms.

Fight2Win is open 6 days a week

Fight2Win also has a webshop and that guarantees competitive prices. One day delivery time within the Netherlands is free for orders above 99€. If you want to try those boxing gloves or if you want to test the quality of your new shin guards, you can also visit their store in the Fascinatio business area in the East of Rotterdam. You can park your car for free.