Erasmus bridge

See the Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam's landmark and the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world!

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Erasmus Bridge: Holland’s tallest bridge

The stunning Erasmus Bridge is Rotterdam’s main landmark. Your visit to Rotterdam isn’t complete without having seen this bridge! The Erasmus Bridge is a suspension bridge which links the northern and southern bank of the river Maas by means of an 808 meter bridge deck. The Erasmus Bridge is not only the longest suspension bridge in the world, it is also the tallest bridge in the Netherlands. The eye-catching asymmetrical pylon made of steel reaches a height of 139 meters!

Erasmusbridge: record breaking bridge

The steel bridge deck is balanced by 32 cables attached to the long side of the pylon and eight to the short side. The bridge deck is divided into two sidewalks, two cycle tracks, two car lanes and some tram rails. Underneath the bridge deck, you’ll find a shop, a restaurant, a bar and the underground Erasmus parking. The road deck contains a 89 meters long bascule bridge to allow large vessels to pass the Erasmus Bridge. This bascule bridge contains the largest panel of its type in the world!

Erasmus bridge: Rotterdam´s landmark

The Erasmus Bridge was designed by architect Ben van Erkel and was inaugurated in 1996 by Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands. Locals call the Erasmus Bridge the swan, because of its graceful appearance over the river. Since its opening the Erasmus Bridge has become Rotterdam’s most important landmark and has even become part of the city’s official logo. The Erasmus Bridge is depicted on many Rotterdam souvenirs and used in many commercials. Also during major events such as the Rotterdam Marathon and City Racing Rotterdam, the Erasmus Bridge is the shining star!

Erasmus Bridge: Rotterdam’s photomodel

The Erasmus Bridge is one of the most photographed sights of Rotterdam, so don’t forget to bring your camera! The best shots can be taken from the Wilhelmina Pier with the unique mix of ancient and modern architecture. Do have a look at the Erasmus Bridge at night as the bridge is beautifully illuminated! It´s also fun to do a boat tour and admire the Erasmus Bridge from below, for example with Spido, the Pancake Boat or SplashTours.