This theme park is leading in Europe and offers five stars attractions and five stars fun!

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A magical theme park

Efteling Holland is one of Europe’s leading theme parks. Efteling is a very enchanting theme park that can compete with the famous Disneyland! Efteling used to be open only in summer and during winter holidays (Winter Efteling ) only, but meanwhile Efteling offers many indoor attractions and it’s open all year round!

The Efteling fairytale forest

Small kids will love the adorable fairytale forest with castles, gnome houses, dragons and trolls. In the Efteling magic forest 26 interactive fairytales are recounted, such as Snow white, the Chinese Nightingale, the Sleeping beauty, the Dancing shoes, the Little red riding hood, Hansel and Gretel, the Wolf and the seven kids and of course Cinderella.

Attractions for young and old

Efteling offers top attractions which are suitable for the entire family. The old steam train takes you to all attractions within the Efteling theme park, such as the 19th century steam powered merry-go-round, the horsemen show Raveleijn and Monsieur Cannibale‘s simmering pots that will spin you around and around. Efteling is best known for its giant family attractions such as Fata Morgana, Dream Flight and Pagode. Don’t go home without having seen the spectacular water show Aquaruna and maybe you have the guts to enter the haunted castle…

Ultracool roller coasters!

For youth and adults, Efteling offers a couple of attractions, that are simply sensational! Experience the rotating House Villa Volta or ride the Piraña whitewater or the bobsleigh track. Try not tho get sick in the Half Moon swinging ship or of course in the numerous roller coasters. At Vogel Rok you ride in the dark, the Flying Dutchman roller coaster blasts you through the water or maybe the super fast Python is your choice. Joris en de draak is a very fast double wooden roller coaster. Efteling’s latest roller coaster is the exciting Baron 1898, with a huge free dive!

Stay overnight in the Efteling Hotel

You can also combine your Efteling visit with an overnight stay in the enchanting Efteling Hotel. The hotel is located near the park entrance and offers some sweet theme suites. Your kids will enjoy one of the playgrounds while you relax your on the 18-hole golf course. The Efteling Hotel offers special benefits to its guests, such as early access to the Efteling theme park and free parking. Or maybe you prefer the holiday park Efteling Village Bosrijk with a more familiar character.
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Discount on Efteling theme park tickets

Besides regular admission, Efteling also offers tickets including a lunch or dinner in one of their restaurants and often Efteling admission at a reduced price is available.


Q How can I get to Efteling by public transport?

Efteling is located at Europalaan 1 in Tilburg, 70 km south of Rotterdam. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by train to Tilburg. At Tilburg change to bus 136, 300, 302 or 304. The total trip time from Rotterdam Central Station to Efteling is about 85 minutes.

Q Is there a parking close to Efteling?

From Rotterdam, get there by car via motorway A16 direction Breda and motorway A59 direction 's Hertogenbosch till exit Waalwijk/Kaatsheuvel (on main road N261), and follow the signs to 'Efteling'. Pay to park your car at the private Efteling parking lot. Total trip time from Rotterdam is 50 minutes.