Discover the oldest city in the Netherlands with plenty of ancient monuments and antique shops.

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Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland and has got more than a thousand monuments! A visit to Dordrecht is a journey back in time.
Dordrecht received franchise rights in 1220 as the first city in Holland and owns a rich history. The city played an important role in the history of the Netherlands in politics, trade and religion. When you visit the city you will still see many remains from that period.


One of the best sights is the Groothoofdspoort, which is the 15th century city gate located at the three rivers point, where the rivers Maas (Maas), Rhine and Merwede come together. You can find some nice cafes and terraces here, where you can enjoy the view at the rivers.

Simon van Gijn museum

From the Groothoofdpoort you can stroll along the medieval streets and walk through the streets which were never meant for cars. You will see old merchants’ houses, warehouses, small harbours and canals on your walk through the Wijnstraat. If you want to see how people lived in these houses one century ago you can visit the Simon van Gijn museum. This museum shows a house with its interior and all belongings in the exact same state as 100 years ago. It’s like time stood still when you walk though the house!

Historic Hof

Close to the Wijnstraat, in Rotterdam city centre, you wil find the historic Hof (which means court in English) where important history was written. In 1572 during the Spanish rule all twelve cities of Holland, with the exception of Amsterdam, took part in a secret meeting. During the meeting they decided to turn against the Spanish oppressors and this meeting is considered to be the beginning of the independent state of the Netherlands. The Hof is still in very good shape and is used nowadays as a wedding location and theatre for classic concerts.

Great Church of Dordrecht

At the end of the longest shopping street in the Netherlands called Voorstraat, you will find the impressive Great Church of Dordrecht with its 65 meters high tower. You can visit the church and see the huge carillon which is one of the biggest carillons in Europe with its 65 bells! Or you could climb to the tower and enjoy an amazing view at the top!
In and around the Voorstraat you will find many antique and speciality shops but also the big chains and a V&D department store. On Fridays and Saturdays there’s a big market in the city center. This market is one of the best markets in the Netherlands!