One of the biggest bookshops in the Netherlands with more than 250,000 titles!

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Biggest bookstore in Rotterdam

Donner Rotterdam (formerly know as Selexyz Donner and Polare Rotterdam) is a huge bookstore and one of the largest bookstores in the Netherlands. If you are looking for a book and you can’t find it at Donner Rotterdam, then you can forget about it! The Donner bookshop is located at Coolsingel in the heart of Rotterdam. They offer over 250,000 titles in this store!

Games, DVDs and music

In addition to books you can also get magazines, games, DVDs, sheet music and classical music when you visit Donner. When you enter the store the first thing that you see are the most popular books ranked in the top ten. Very handy if you’re looking for the best selling book of this moment. Donner also offers a huge choice of (international) study books. Each year when the new academic year starts Donner is filled with lots of students looking for the latest text books.

Great specialist advice

When a book is not in stock, staff can order the book directly online for you so that you will still have it quickly available. There’s a specialist in every department of Donner Rotterdam who can give you advice about books he is specialised in. You can spend hours on looking for books in the Donner bookstore, but you don’t have to leave when you would like to have a drink or a snack. There’s ‘Café Donner’ located within this book store where you can have a break!