Delftse Poort

You can't miss this 151 meters tall office building close to the central station in Rotterdam.

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Delftse Poort Rotterdam

The Delftse Poort building (meaning Gate to the city of Delft) is also known as the Nationale Nederlanden building, because this skyscraper has been the headquarters of insurance company Nationale Nederlanden until 2014. Nowadays Delftse Poort host many small companies. Delfste Poort is one of the most famous buildings in Rotterdam. When it was completed it was the tallest building in the Benelux.

Delftse Poort: 41 floors

You can’t miss the impressive Delftse Poort skyscaper when you visit Rotterdam, because it’s located in the middle of city center next to the iconice Central Station of Rotterdam. The Delftse Poort was built in 1991 and has got 41 floors which make the building 151 meters tall. This is one of the buildings that made Rotterdam known as Manhattan at he Maas. A second smaller tower with a height of 93 meters is located right next to the tower of 151 meters. The two towers are linked by a block in the middle. The Delftse Poort was designed by architect Abe Bonnema,

Reflective glass

The facade of the Delftse Poort consists of maintenance free, blue coloured reflective glass, which makes the appearance of the building modern and majestic. In the past the huge facade was used several times for publicity stunts and at Christmas a starry sky is created by means of thousands of LED lights.

Foodcourt Delftse Poort

Since the refurbishing of the Delftse Poort building into office space for smaller businesses, a huge foodcourt has opened at the former corporate lunchroom. The Delftse Poort Foodcourt is accessible to the public. The Delftse Poort Foodcourt offers well-known restaurants, such as O’Pazzo Italian food and Asian Glories Chinese food.


Q How can I get to Delftse Poort by public transport?

The Delftse Poort multifunctional building is located next to Rotterdam Central Station at Weena 505. Get there by train or metro.

Q Is there a parking close to Delftse Poort?

Pay to park your car at the Plaza or Kruispleinpublic car parking.