Boompjes Promenade

Stroll along the river Maas and enjoy the view at the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam!

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Walking along the river Maas: Boompjes Promenade Rotterdam

The Boompjes Promenade is a walking trail along the river Maas where you can experience the typical Rotterdam atmosphere throughout the seasons. On a sunny day, you can see the sunset over the harbour cranes: a red glow on the impressive skyline of Rotterdam. The most centrally located promenade is between the Erasmus Bridge and Willemsbrug, and is called Boompjeskade. This quay offers a wonderful view on Noordereiland, the isle in the river Maas.

Relaxing along the river Maas

The northern bank of the river Maas has been transformed into a green oasis where you can relax and enjoy the waterfront. There is also a trail along Boompjeskade where you can walk, cycle or skate between the trees and with wide grass strips and plenty of benches. This brand new promenade stretches from ‘Parkkade’, ‘Westerkade’, ‘Willemskade’ and ‘Leuvehoofd’ to Boompjes, that is roughly from the tunnel under the river Maas to Willemsbrug. Along this quai you’ll see a multitude of banners of the Rotterdam flag parade.

Leuvehoofd Park

Leuvehoofd (the quay facing the Erasmus bridge) also boasts a small park with various lawns, plants and benches to enjoy the sun or to admire the war memorial ‘The Bow’ (45 meters height!). The Bow commemorates the 3500 sailors who lost their lives on board of Dutch merchant ships in World War II.