Attraction Park Rotterdam

Have a great day out in this amusement park especially for kids under 13. Open in 2019!

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New kids theme park in Rotterdam

In the South of Rotterdam at the Maastunnel entrance, a brand new amusement park for children is being achieved: Attractiepark Rotterdam. The developer Van der Most has set up several children’s amusement parks in the Netherlands and Germany and it is expected that Attractiepark Rotterdam will also become such a success! The unique thing about Attractiepark Rotterdam is that it is built in the middle of Rotterdam on the site of the former waste disposal center. After a long transition phase a combination of playground, amusement park and catering will open soon!

The attractions of Attractiepark Rotterdam

Attractiepark Rotterdam will become a place where kids can have fun with dozens of attractions and play grounds. It it still unknown what attractions will be part of Attractierpark Rotterdam, because the park will only open in 2019. Attractiepark Park Rotterdam is expected to have similar attractions as Speelstad Oranje. What is already known is that one of the main attractions of Attractiepark Rotterdam will be a 45 meter high giant wheel. A bumper car, a whirligig, a pirate ship, trampolines will probably not be missing. Another attraction of Attractiepark Rotterdam will be the longest slide in the world of 600 meters long and 40 meters high! And of course there will also be a rollercoaster in Attractiepark Rotterdam!

Dining options at Playtown Rotterdam

Playtown Rotterdam will also offer some eateries to have a snack or a drink, while your kids are having fun. If you stay all day in Playtown Rotterdam an all-in ticket with all food and drinks included, might be the right choice. The highlight will be the UFO restaurant, a revolving restaurant at a height of 43 meters. In about 6 minutes you are above where you can enjoy an hour and a half of the view of Attractiepark Rotterdam and the Rotterdam skyline. The UFO restaurant can also be visited without visiting the Attractiepark Rotterdam itself. The restaurant is the first part of Attractiepark Rotterdam that opens and the opening is planned for January 2018. If you plan to stay a full day at Attractiepark Rotterdam it is worth to buy an all-in admission ticket with all the food and drinks included.

Indoor playground Playtown Rotterdam

Playtown Rotterdam is a kid’s paradise for children from 3 to 12 years. It contains both an indoor and an outdoor area, so on a rainy day Playtown Rotterdam is still the perfect attraction! Follow City Guide Rotterdam on Twitter to be informed of the latest news about Playtown Rotterdam!