Visit the capital of the Netherlands that has become famous because of itÂ’s canals.

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The Dutch capital, Amsterdam is a delight to all visitors who are in quest for natural beauty and cultural treasures. The city offers numerous museums, hi-tech and science venues in a setting of lush gardens, flowers and canals.

Van Gogh museum and Madame Tussauds

In addition to the world-renowned highlights, such as the Van Gogh Museum or Madame Tussauds, you may delight in less obvious treasures that can be unearthed in hidden locations throughout Amsterdam.


There is no better way to start your tour from the old city center. At the corner of Reguliersgracht and Herengracht you may enjoy a unique view from one of Amsterdam’s countless bridges. As you stand on the bridge and look over the canal, you can actually make out fifteen bridges from this single view point; quite a remarkable panorama, you should not miss.


The canals offer an enchanting setting that give the city its unique character. While you stroll through Amsterdam’s canal district you will come across many museums along the route. These, less renowned sites often propose inspiring exhibitions that are quite unique. As you wander through the old town make sure you head towards the peaceful Begijnhof, an oasis in the heart of the capital. On entering this charming site, you will feel you are stepping into a village square, for it has preserved all the charm of the past.

Flower market

If you are in the mood for fragrant smells and bright colours, the Singel flower market is just the place. This floating flower market is an unmatched site, with its abundant display of flowers throughout the four seasons of the year.


Amsterdam is of course the capital of art and culture, and a visit at the Van Gogh Museum is an unforgettable experience. Here you can admire countless paintings from the world-famous artist in one sole venue. The Hermitage boasts an enormous collection of works of art, exhibited in the galleries of the 17th century Amstelhof building.
For those who are interested in science and technology the capital proposes its NEMO Science and Technology Centre, situated in a bright green building facing the historical port of Amsterdam. Here visitors may take a trip through our ever-evolving world of science.